Department of Radiology and Functional Diagnostics

The department was founded in 2004 as part of AGIUV. Head of the Department of Medical Science, Professor Dr. N. Nigai in 1982, first introduced in (Kaz National — Surgery research institute)  diagnostic ultrasound under the guidance of Professor MH RK Minister Aliyev, MA. In 1988, the first time in the RK has implemented basic education students in the Department of Radiology (AGIUV) Almaty state institute of improvement of doctors, led by Professor Tusupbekov ST, and produced more than 4 thousand specialists in ultrasound and CT, MRI diagnosis, clinical radiology.

In 2009, the department at full strength in the work moved to the Kazakh National Medical University after. S.D. Asfendiyarov. In 2012, the Almaty on 4 Radiology Department of the Forum will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of diagnostic ultrasound in Kazakhstan.
Over the years, chair of the team rallied in his well-known in Kazakhstan and outside experts: associate professors, candidates of medical sciences Borovsky VV, Kostyreva NA, Bazhikova SK, Junusova LY, Akizhanova IV, Halbaeva EL, Professor, MD Suleimenova RN, assistant Savran A., Tairov AV Sarinova EG, Borovskaya MV, Chernoburov KE, who spend the most advanced diagnostic manipulation in all areas of digital diagnostic devices expert class.

Employees of the Department have developed a unified program of postgraduate training of doctors in ultrasound, CT and MRI diagnostics, model curricula, working training program, tests, case studies, syllabuses of training cycles for re-radiation and a diagnostician, training: ultrasound in cardiology, ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology (ultrasound with 3-4D congenital malformation of the fetus in different trimesters of pregnancy, ultrasound with 3-4D in gynecology, ultrasound thyroid, mammary glands, and eyes. First time in Kazakhstan have developed new cycle «Ehoanatomiya hip joints in infants and ultrasonic diagnosis of the formation of the hip in preterm infants, «according to the thesis defended at the Department, «Functional diagnostics in cardiology» (electrocardiography and ehokardiodopplerografiya in coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, pericarditis, congenital and acquired heart defects), «Innovative methods in the diagnosis of radiation» (computer and magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis of diseases of the abdominal cavity), «Functional Diagnostics in Neurology» (training in diseases of the brain in infants and children under 1 year, electroencephalography), «Neurosonography» (further training in ultrasound diagnosis of diseases of the brain in infants and children under 1 year), «Selected Topics Doppler brachiocephalic vessels» (ultrasound anatomy brachiocephalic vessels, methods of diagnosis of occlusive diseases brachiocephalic vessels).



The department has established scientific and educational links with international radiology departments, schools and universities, including the Department of Radiology, Deguski university of South Korean Professor John Lee, who this year has allocated a free ticket to Korea for a two-year residency in radiology, with the Russian Academy of Postgraduate Training and the Department of Military Medical Academy, St. Petersburg, Austrian hospital’s medical institutions, Beijing university quartermaster (Major General Syten), Tashkent Institute of Advanced Medical. Vera Schmidt and director of the European Association of Radiologists, Professor Nicolas Gurtsoyanis sent their radiology training programs and will be placed on the website of the institute latest news on the European congresses and scientific achievements.

Clinical base of the Department is the Association of Medical and technical workers ultrasound AMITRUD «Dariga» The Association is equipped with innovative ultrasound technology expert class, which provides students with the University for developing practical skills, is an active department assistant, acquiring the latest hardware systems. For the first time in Kazakhstan in the educational process in place an innovative technique to determine the dispersion mapping of ischemic myocardium by means of computer kardiovizor diagnostic EEG of a new generation with unique helmets. Association of funding, many conferences and seminars organized by the Department, in particular the first three Radiological Almaty Forum 2006, 2007 and 2008 Students are active participants in the department of international and national symposiums and master classes conducted by the department.
Department staff  are actively go out into the international educational centers.


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