Department of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics



Department of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics provides postgraduate training and advanced training of laboratory diagnosis. The right to training in the specialty «Clinical laboratory diagnostics» are those with a higher medical education, following an internship with the highest biological, pharmaceutical, chemical, and biomedical education.

The department conducted training in the following cycles:
1. «Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics. Retraining — 1080 chas./20weeks
2. «Innovative technologies in KLD ‘- 234 hr. / 4 weeks.
3. «Molecular-biological and genetic laboratory diagnosis» — 108 hr. / 2 weeks and 162 hr. / 3 weeks.
4. «ELISA studies in the diagnosis of disease» — 108 and 162 hours.
5. «Microscopic examination of biological fluids» — 108 per hour.
6. «Current problems of clinical laboratory diagnostics» — 234 per hour.
7. «Serological methods in the diagnosis of infectious diseases» -108 per hour.
8. «Comprehensive study of the immunological status» – 108 per hour.


Clinical databases are in the Department of Scientific and Educational Institute of Laboratory MNIIFP them. B. Atchabarova, which is fully equipped with modern laboratory equipment: there hematology analyzers, biochemistry analyzers, immunoassay analyzers, urine analyzers, microbiology analyzers, analyzers and rapid PCR — laboratory, as in a typical clinical diagnostic laboratory maternity hospital № 1. In training rooms have personal computers, multimedia projector for displaying information material, videos and presentations on topics of laboratory diagnosis: hematology, biochemistry, cytology, enzyme immunoassay diagnostics, microbiology and molecular biological research methods. Practical exercises are conducted in clinical diagnostic and specialized laboratories.

Associate Professor Department of charge, phD, Kanzhigalina Zulfan Kashukovna, who works in the service of laboratory diagnosis of more than 35 years, she has produced two of his disciples, Ph.D., has more than 65 scientific publications, two patents. The department operates four teachers: Head of Department, Associate Professor and 2 assistants.
All members of the department have a higher basic education and extensive practical experience in the field of laboratory diagnosis.


All members of the department have a higher basic education and extensive practical experience in the field of laboratory diagnosis.

Two staff members have Ph.D. degrees, two have the highest qualification category of laboratory diagnosis, and all employees have a Certificate of laboratory diagnosis.

For two academic years in the department have studied 190 specialists of laboratory diagnosis. The department to give lectures on modern methods of laboratory diagnosis are invited professors from abroad, held «master classes» with the awarding of certificates.


Teachers of the department with the students participate in university events and conferences for laboratory diagnosis, and hold conferences — presentations on topics of laboratory diagnosis.


Under the Visiting Professor, Department invited the leading scientists of Institute of Physico-Chemical Medicine, FMBA of Russia   (Kopylov VM).

Cycles were performed on genomictechnologies, practical training in the definition of geneticmutations. There was also invited Professor Kim from the KoreanMedical Mungshin catalytic University in Seoul.

The department organizes field training for all regions of our republic on topical issues of laboratory diagnosis.

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